7 Men’s Fashion Trends for Summer in India  2022

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7 Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer in India 2022

Every men’s spring trend that you need to know about this 2022 season. These are heavily inspired by the pieces on runways and hope it helps you when looking to build your spring closet this year. We are seeing on the runway fashion is a little bit less subjective than style. Style is like whatever you like and it kind of always work. Fashion is what’s trending right now so that we’re gonna concern ourselves with.

TREND #1: Relaxed Trousers/ Relaxed Casual

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The first one we’ve seen it so so much it’s a relaxed fit of pants. These pants are a little bit special talk about them in a second, but just seeing a more relaxed silhouette in the lower body half is something that’s going on for a while on the runway, and now see it more and more coming even into the retail stores The entire look is another twin which some sites called BOHEMIAN CHIC is relaxed casual with a loose top.

TREND #2: Leather Everything

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We’ve seen so much leather on the runway literally in all shapes and forms from pants to shirts to jackets, of course the traditional biker jacket or a moto jacket aren’t necessarily something that’s super fashion it’s a classic, but you ever have a piece like a leather trucker jacket. You’ll find a lot of leather in unexpected places whether or not that’s for you that’s up to you to decide.

TREND #3: Monochromatic Dressing

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Now street wear is taking a lot of men’s fashion also the runways So we see the elegance is returning a lot more to the runways and to men’s fashion that’s why wearing a suit with a matching tee, it’s not suit-tie-shirt very traditional. It’s more of a modern take on a traditional men’s uniform which is the suit. Some brands has beautiful features where there’s bells wrapping around, it’s really like what couture of men that’s something haven’t really seen in the stores yet for men, but you can have a little bit more of a modern take on your suiting like the color and second is the structure of the suit which is very sleek. If you have double breasted jacket you can even choose to ditch the shirt “SHIRTLESS SUITS”.

TREND #4: Back to 90s and Tie-dye

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The 90s with dad jeans one trend and tie-dye another trend, In terms of color tie-dye can often be like green yellow purple just because it needed another color. Like in the beginning the more relaxed fit are definitely coming back and something more fashionable, but also in a more simple way with a pair of jeans. One more thing from 90s looked into the trend reviews, it’s kind of falls into the category of pockets and storing stuffs and finished with a pair of ultra forces shoes, so a little bit of a throwback to the 90s as well with the foot.

TREND#5:Chunky Sneakers

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So talking about men’s fashion summer trends 2022, today we are seeing so many colored sneakers in the runways. In my opinion they’re ugly a lot I mean a lot! But I tried some of them and what I learned from the experience is you should never knock something until you try. And if you love them then go for Jordan and Yeezy ones; I’m not promoting any product, it’s just they look more stylish and you should try it once.

TREND #6: Knitted Shirts AND Faded Jeans

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Knitted shirts are trending whether it’s a knitted shirt or a polo t-shirt. It’s a sporty  alternative to your basic dress or your casual tee. These are most unique can involve in a way that’s very loose to give the wowful of knit texture, you have a very light or airy t-shirt or shirt when you wear it. It’s gonna be ultra comfortable and you won’t be sweating & stuffy. You wanna lying your jeans up for spring and you can take a step further and try some trending right now which is faded jeans. 

So you grab faded light denim It’s gonna be more lighter and almost vintage look to your denim which kind of is two trend streakers. And the great thing is that when you pick up the lighter colored Denim, most designer pair these colors with lighter fabric, it means that you gonna get a pair of jeans that is lighter in color but also weighs less which is perfect in spring in summer.

TREND #7: Sunglasses

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When it’s summer and the sun is beamy hot; not only do sunglasses make you look more stylish because they’re in trend for the season, but they also functionally help you. They protect you from the sun rays, protect your eyes and they also protect you from any wrinkles around your eyes. It doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money for them, you can find brands that give the quality that you want at affordable prices.


So these are the 7 men’s fashion summer trends that you should be try this season, I hope this is informative.

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