5 Must Know Party Dressing Rules |Men’s fashion 2022

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5 Must Know Party Dressing Rules | Men’s fashion 2022

Today we are talking about party dressing, party wear for Indian men. We’re covering everything from the shirts you can wear to what kind of pants to wear with your outfit to even the shoes obviously. This is your ultimate guide to look BEST at any party or event you  attend. The ultimate style tips and fashion guide for parties in India.

First you’ve got to understand three constants in every single look-

#1 Watch: You got to wear some kind of wrist accessory ideally it should be a watch, if you want my watch recommendation just wear a watch with clean minimal look and make sure you don’t wear a sports watch in parties.

#2 Hair Product: When it comes to party grooming, we’re talking hair wax,  Apply it onto your hair in order to get that slightly wet slightly more groomed finish, perfect for all kinds of parties.

#3 Perfume: The most important constant is a good quality perfume or Cologne. You have to smell perfect in order to appear more attractive.

Let’s start with the party dressing rules—

Formal Party

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We’re talking about is the absolute formal party maybe your office party, a corporate event or an event where they’re CEOs, VIPs coming in. for this kind of party is that the minimum you’ve got to do is at least wear a good shirt that you’re going to tuck into your pants, for a event like this you want to wear the same trousers you wear to your office ideally your darker color and if you don’t go for trousers you can go for a dark colored chinos may be black or grey chinos. And as for the shirt you can wear ideally give preference to darker colors- BLACK, NAVY, DARK GREY, your next preference is maybe off white shirts that’s extremely like pink or extremely light those are kind of more formalish and your next option is a good quality white shirt in all three cases your pants complete the look, but if you’re going for a slightly darker shirt you can even go for like a small patterns these patterns add personality to your outfit and take your party look one step further in that casual direction but still keep it formal.

And talking about shoes and belts these cases obviously you’ve got to match the colors, it’s a formal occasion you can for formal shoes you can go for semi-formal shoes like BROGUES and MONK STRAPS and finally you can also go for a great pair of loafers that’ll pay extremely well for your outfit. And now very importantly if you wanna go one step further and impress everyone at that formal occasion you can wear a suit, if it’s a formal event ideally match your trousers to the color of your jacket and also When you’re going to buy a suit, ideally get your own tailored suit that will fit perfectly.

Formalish Casual

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It’s a kind of party where it’s a little more chill. Maybe you’re going out for someone’s anniversary and birthday, maybe your fancy club or fancy bar. So while we talking about formalish casual look you’ve got keep in mind two key factors play around with colors and play around with  patterns if you pair it with correct pants it looks absolutely fantastic because this is extremely fashionable currently in the runways, so while it’s in vogue while it’s still fashionable make complete use of it. The other factor you keep in mind once again is no jeans or trousers in this case because it’s not a completely formal occasion, your best bet is a good pair of chinos.

Let’s talk about colors while we’re talking about night time parties. The rules aren’t strict when compared to the completely formal occasions. Also keep in mind it’s a nighttime party and night wear is all about keeping your color slightly darker slightly on the sober colors, and if you want you could tuck your shirt into your pant to give yourself slightly more look and for the chilled parties you can leave your shirt outside if you bought yourself a good quality slim fit shirt and of course if I have the physique to pull it off. And as for shoes definitely a smart pair of loafers that go well with your outfit and if you want you can try experimenting with semi-formal shoes maybe BROGUES or OXFORDS or you can also go for a very slick pair of BOOTS.

Casual Party

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These’re the situations where you can afford to wear t-shirts and jeans. We’re talking about the clubbing look or the smart house party look we’re talking polo paired it up with chinos. These outfits are 100% casual instead of it up with chinos you can pair it up with a pair of distressed jeans which are extremely on the runways right now. If you want to make your outfit just a little bit more casual than that outfits, go for V-neck slightly more party than just a normal round neck t-shirt and if you want to take one step further and stand out pair it up with smart bomber jacket. This is the perfect outfit for a house party for a clubbing situation or even if you’re just going out on a casual date. Finally, the shoes that pair up perfectly with the outfit are sneakers, obviously white or colored sneakers go fantastic just try matching the color of shoes to the color of the outfit. 


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Definitely don’t forget about grooming we’re talking fashion and style here but grooming is a big part of that once you pick your outfit and you have a good idea of what to wear, then start thinking about your grooming game as well. So make sure you put time aside to get a trim to shave and schedule a haircut ahead of time because holiday season is very busy for barbers otherwise your hair’s going to be a mess and no outfit is going to save you.

Plan in Advance

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The biggest advice is to plan in advance like things may not fit anymore or maybe your friend borrowed the shirt that you thought you had or even worse maybe there’s stain or a hole in your favorite jacket. A week before the party, try them on and come up with the right outfit to make sure it’s fit and clean.

Hope, these party dressing tips cover EVERY question you’ve ever had about what to wear for a party!

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